Risk assesments

Our risk assessment approach starts with consistent risk and opportunity analysis. We look at risk from the organisation’s perspective and structure our deliverables to include a risk profile; which serves as the basis for developing a risk-based audit plan, identifies the necessary management initiatives and tailored recommendations for performance improvement. Our approach will help our client determine whether it’s managing risks sufficiently to reach business objectives.

We have risk assessment products for the entire enterprise including fraud and investigation, and a variety of specific financial, operational and IT areas. We are positioned to provide these services to companies that are establishing an internal audit function, or are interested in obtaining more value from their audits by adopting a risk-based audit plan.

Risk-Based Audits

We use our risk-based audit approach to identify any potential risk to the achievement of the client’s financial, operational and compliance objectives, evaluate the impact on the processes, and determine the likelihood of an occurrence. We also review the policies, procedures, and practices, and identify the internal controls implemented to mitigate the client’s risks. We focus on the areas of greatest risk and opportunity, which results in a more cost-effective audit that provides more valuable feedback.

We have developed a host of specialised skills in several unique areas that can add value to our clients. We have expertise in:

  • Fraud risk assessment
  • Process assessments
  • Vendor audit
  • Reconciliation projects

We work with our clients in many ways including.


For clients who want to maintain control of the audit function but have staffing needs for internal audit professionals, we provide the talent under your direction.

Internal Audit Outsourcing

Some clients may be looking for broader and deeper internal audit expertise than they have internally or are looking for savings. In such situations, we provide the complete internal audit outsourcing function to enable the client depend on our best practice approach while realizing cost-effective internal audit service. The client enjoys the following benefits.

  • The expense associated with maintaining of specialize talent in house is outsourced.
  • All contingency costs associated with an internal audit schedule is effectively managed.
  • Time and effort required by top management to internally manage the internal audit effort is deployed to other areas deserving attention


  • Internal audit of start-up (Specialised set up)
  • Nigeria entry Services
  • Design and implementation of Internal control with SOPs bundle
  • Human Resource